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WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Flannel or Cotton? Do you want to sleep on Flannel Sheets but your partner wants to sleep on Cotton Sheets? Do you want to have the warmth of flannel sheets but your partner is overheated by flannel and needs to sleep under cotton sheets, or visa versa? Now you can both have the fabric you want…and still share the same bed with OppoSheets®, the patented luxury cotton and flannel sheet sets. Warm 100% cotton flannel and cool 100% cotton sateen (or new bamboo/cotton sateen) fabrics are joined down the middle of both the top and the bottom sheet by a subtle center seam. A 12” top cotton hem on the top sheet plus two cotton pillowcases offer comfort while being esthetically pleasing. Best yet, OppoSheets®, are reversible. So, regardless of which side of the bed you sleep on, the cotton side or the flannel side, your needs are met with OppoSheets®. And, our large selection of bed sheet sizes and luxury fabric selections allow you to custom design your own bed sheet sets.

So, Which side are YOU on? Cotton or Flannel? Start getting bedtime comfort for BOTH of you today with OppoSheets®.

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